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Is Illinois The Worst Possible State To Live In ?

    These Are The “Worst Possible States To Live In” As Ranked By Their Residents | Zero Hedge.


Coconut smoothie recipe

Coconut Smoothie Recipe Coconut smoothies are the most delicious drink on the face of the earth, and now you will be able to make your very own. Ingredients needed: coconut, blender, ice, sugar, condensed milk Buy a coconut Open the coconut with a machete or chainsaw Pour the coconut water into a blender Use a […]


Cyprus bailout: this bank raid sets a disgraceful precedent

Ours is an incredibly placid age. Hypnotised by iPhones, the internet , the specious arguments of the Left, the moral cowardice of the Right, Europe has reached a state where the government can take what it likes from the bank accounts of its people and still they do nothing. If we have become so quisling […]


Wingsuit BASE Jumping

Lucid Dreams 2 | Luke Hively | Wingsuit BASE Jumping | DBC – YouTube.

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